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Where do we meet?

Each morning the surf break is determine on the size of the waves that day. Both within 2 miles of the Historic Haleiwa town, Chuns reef is mainly summer season location and Pua’ena Point Beach Park being a winter spot. You will be contacted the day before with a specific location . Both locations can be easily found on any GSP or navigation app.


What do I bring?

All equipment to get you up and riding the waves is included. We recommend bringing sunscreen, towel and water to hydrate before and after your lesson.



What if I’m not a great swimmer?

We cater to all levels of swimming experience. If you are not a strong swimmer your instructor will be able to assist in the paddling process to where you feel comfortable and confident in catching the wave. You board is always attached to your ankle if there is any doubt in your swimming ability’s, it may be used as a float and typically you surf close to shore.


Does anyone take photos?

A photographer is available upon request. Please give advance notice if you are set on getting photos of your experience. If you are unsure at the time of your lesson there is a chance a photographer is shooting photos for others and if advised they can include you in, no commitment to purchase.


How do I modify or cancel a reservation?

If you are outside of the 24 hour cancellation window you may simply cancel your booking via your email confirmation or call direct. Within the 24 hour window please call (808) 366-5523, we will be able happy to work something out to accommodate your needs.

Will there be Hawaiian Sea Turtles?

Best place to see a Hawaiian Sea Turtle would be to join them in their natural habitat, your in luck. Almost every day there are a handful of turtles who swim by and say hello to our surfers. Just be sure to wear your "reef safe" sunscreen when you join us on your surf adventure. We wouldn't want to partake in harming the Coral reef which the Turtle's feed off of. 



What if it is raining?

Island weather is always unpredictable. One moment it can be a down pour next minute you may experience clear blue sunny skies with a jaw dropping rainbow. The only reason to cancel a lesson due to weather would be if lighting was spotted with in the last 30 minutes. The likely hood of lightening is very rare; we only experience it about once a year.


Can I rent a board?

If you can count on your fingers how many times you have surfed there is a good chance you should still consider going out on a lesson. There are currents, rising swell, dry reef etc. you will want to stay away from. Not being knowledgeable of the surf spot can be a hazard to you and others who surround you. If you consider yourself to be intermediate rentals are available please call (808) 366-5523. 

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