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Why Learn to Surf on the North Shore

Updated: Feb 7

For most North Shore locals whether your heading into the work or on the way to Honolulu to get those much needed errands done, the surf stoke is so convincing it might just make you turn you car around and forget about all of your responsibilities. For visitors who make take this same route (with a different agenda) when you see the countless trucks full of boards, biker riders with surf board in hand or groups of friends lathering up with their reef-safe sunscreen you just might think to yourself... what is all hype about.

Geographic Advantage

Hawaii being the most isolated landmass in the world you would think infrastructure would be minimal but not on Oahu. Waikiki reaching a population of nearly 2 million people you will find a large cluster of high rises, endless shopping, eating and tons of traffic. Being immersed in that environment you might find it it hard to image that just about 30 miles north there is a 7 mile coast line where you can find untouched beaches and perfect surf. Storms in the Alaskan Sea produce energy that travels thousands of miles before it meets out coast line. When all that energy arrives on our beaches it creates the best waves in the world.

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